What is

InstaDRM is a one stop shop, secure, Cloud based DRM solution that distributes DRM Licenses upon validated request, with server widgets that allow you to easily and securely apply DRM to your content.

Why did we build it?

When we first started using DRM it was complicated and needed a huge amount of bespoke knowledge to figure out how to use it properly. It’s a steep learning curve and it is not something that you want to get wrong!

Then there is the user criticism. Users dislike DRM, because they only notice it when it is done wrong, when it is slow and clunky or in the worst cases, where it simply doesn’t work.

It just seemed like the market was waiting for a service where the complexities of DRM are simply handled for you, a service where you would just know that your content was protected and where the User can just click Play.

We wanted a platform that would:

  • Allow for automatic DRMing of content
  • Provide a robust, cloud based service that would securely distribute DRM Licenses upon request
  • Require no knowledge of DRM, at all, in any way, whatsoever, nada, nothing, zip
  • Be invisible to the customer
So that’s what we built!

How does it work?


    Protecting content has two sides:
  • You have to protect it (encrypting)
  • You have to give approved customers the ability to watch the protected content (using licenses)
    So we created two tools:
  • One runs on your server and takes your content and encrypts it with DRM
  • The other sits in the cloud and responds to requests from media players for licenses, issuing licences if the request is successful.


That’s it.

We liaise with the DRM providers, whether it be PlayReady, Marlin, DIVX etc, get all the licenses that you need and implement their technology so that you don’t have to.

If you use the instaLIBRARY then we can DRM content automatically or you can use our InstaDRM widgets to protect your content.


If you are using our instaPLAYER it will handle the DRM license requests for you, or you can use our simple APIs to make the requests from your own media player. We will then make a request to our instaSTOREFRONT user locker or your own user database, to confirm that the user has the usage rights to get a license and if they do, we will supply a license.


The user will then start enjoying their TV Show or Movie.

If DRM is done right the user won’t even realise that it is there!