Case Study: Freeview and Planet Knowledge

3 Simple Steps

1 - Setup

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2 - Tailor

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Compatible Devices

3 - Launch

InstaDIGITAL® helps you launch your new mobile nad SmartTV Apps to a global or focussed audience.

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More Viewers

Planet Knowledge chose to work with instaDIGITAL to grow from being a very popular Freeview channel to being a highly successful Video on Demand channel available on Smart TVs, mobile devices and PCs and Macs through out the world.


More Devices

With revenue driven by advertising Planet Knowledge needed as many views of those adverts as possible.  It was decided that the easiest and quickest way to do that is to expand the service onto new devices, thus massively increasing the potential .


“It is important for us to be in control of our revenue streams and by having our own apps we can manage the advertising that we display, to maximise our returns”
Paul Coster, CEO of VOD365 the company behind Planet Knowledge.


Working with the Planet Knowledge team instaDIGITAL® ensured that the content for the new platforms was protected using Hollywood Approved DRM and also that it was formatted for streaming to the different devices.


InstaDIGITAL® then took the designs that the Planet Knowledge customers are familiar with from the highly successful Planet Knowledge channel on Freeview and applied them to the new user interfaces


InstaDIGITAL® then began the rollout of Planet Knowledge across the different devices.

The first release was the new Planet Knowledge app for Samsung TVs.  The app utilises the instaSTOREFRONT app for Samsung Smart TVs.  With support for UHD content, adverts that can be tailored to both location and individual users, and utilising the new Samsung Smart Hub Preview bar to alert consumers to new content on the app (without having to open the app), the Planet Knowledge app is a cutting edge Smart TV app wrapped in the tried and tested user interface that consumers are familiar with from the highly successful Planet Knowledge channel, on Freeview.

Samsung Smart TVs

Samsung TV Planet Knowledge.png

“Being on all Samsung TVs that use the Samsung TV Smart Hub is fantastic for us and instaDIGITAL have been instrumental in getting us there, taking our designs and 4K content and building a robust and intuitive TV app which our viewers love.  This is just the start of things to come for VOD365 and Planet Knowledge.”

Paul Coster - CEO Planet Knowledge

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