What is

InstaLIBRARY is the best way to manage all your content in one hosted, secure, cloud based solution.
InstaLIBRARY takes Content feeds from any Supplier and uses them to create a cloud based library which can be securely accessed using any of the instaDIGITAL suite of products or through simple API interfaces.

"We believe in simplicity: Many Feeds In... One Feed Out!"
Ed Pippin, CEO

Why did we build it?

The amount of content and the number of content suppliers is growing and the way that they share content is not standardised.

Even within a single supplier there can be difference in feed format.

So we decided to build something that would standardise Content Feeds so that as new suppliers are bought on-board and new feeds are integrated the front end software does not need to change.

We wanted a system that:

  • Supplies content in a single, simple feed (with a single metadata format)
  • Connects to any CDN
  • Uses any DRM
  • Automates as much of the data processing process as possible
  • Integrates with any Content Supplier
  • Is Simple and Intuitive
  • Has a really fancy dashboard that looks great AND shows really useful stuff (just because we can)
  • Just works!
So that’s what we built!

How does it work?


We take content from your content providers and pull it into a common library.

Packshots, MetaData, Trailers, Movies, TV shows and more will be pulled into the system using ingestion gateways uniquely designed for each Content Supplier.


The instaLIBRARY will validate the data that it receives against set rules and can automatically publish valid data to a CDN and allow it to be accessible via API calls. It will also highlight problem data, allow an administrator to update it on the fly and notify the content supplier of any files that it simply cannot understand.


A state of the art dashboard allows administrators to see at a glance how much content has been delivered and whether there are any problems on any feeds.

The instaLIBRARY will catalogue all the content and store it in a common format.

This means that when you want to access the content via your front end all the MetaData will be the same format allowing simple parsing of data. Plus the Packshots, Trailers and Movies/TV shows will be the correct format and localised language for the device that is displaying the content..


The instaLIBRARY can also apply DRM to the Trailers, Movies and TV Shows if required. We already have relationships with the top DRM suppliers so chances are we can already use your preferred DRM or you can just use our InstaDRM tool, which is already integrated into instaLIBRARY.