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Replace your existing content Player with the instaPLAYER and see how far technology has come in the space of a few years.

The Quality and Reliability of instaPLAYER is undeniable and as markets grow and consumers become more discerning these factors, above all else will help you retain customers and grow your service.

We know that change can be scary, that is why we have employed some of the world's best integration specialists to help make your change to instaPLAYER as hassle free as possible.

We also understand that cost is a critical factor in any business decision, which is why our player is competitively priced.

Finally we understand what makes you great and it is not having to tweak your player all the time. Leave that to us so that you can get on and grow your business and delight your customers.

We knew that we wanted a player that was easy to implement, intuitive to use, reasonably priced and just worked on millions of device. So that is what we built!
— Ed Pippin, instaDIGITAL CEO

instaPLAYER is designed to work on the following platforms:

instaPLAYER supports the following formats:

instaPLAYER supports the following DRM:

instaPLAYER supports the following functionality* 

•  Advertising - VAST 3.0
•  Analytics
•  Audio Switching
•  Chromecast
•  Customisation
•  Subtitles and Closed Captions
•  Preview thumbnails

(*the enhanced version can be tailored to your needs)

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