What is

instaPLAYER is a unique player, tailored specifically for you, to give your customers the best possible experience whilst they are watching your Content.

Allowing the user to switch between audio tracks, scrub to get to the cool bits, choose sub title languages and more, all through a bespoke user interface that is familiar and yet distinctive to your brand!

Available for millions of devices including iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Windows Phone, Windows Tablets, Various Internet enabled TVs.

Why did we build it?

Here at instaDIGITAL we love movies and TV!

However we know that we will only ever watch a Film or TV Show for the first time ONCE! And when we begin to watch, we want to know that we are having the best experience possible on our device of choice.

Until now meeting this simple need has been very complicated, often involving bespoke media players built by software companies with limited resources.

Things just changed…

We wanted a player that:

  • Would work on Android, iOS and Windows Phone
  • Would work on PCs and Macs
  • Work on all Windows Platforms including Xbox
  • Would not have to be rewritten every time a new device hit the market
  • Could be uniquely tailored for each brand
  • Could incorporate optional adverts
  • Would be based upon code that is supported by huge companies with huge software and testing resources.
  • *significantly older OS and hardware may not support the player or your content.

    So that’s what we built!

How does it work?


We license the world’s best player SDKs (the basic building blocks of a media player that integrates with the OS of the phone) from the world’s foremost software companies.


Why reinvent the wheel when you can just build the sports car that runs on the wheels?

So we build ‘sports car’ players on top of the SDKs, creating user friendly interfaces and tailoring the players to meet your exact needs.


Then, we will supply you an instaPLAYER that matches the hardware, software and content format that you want your customers to watch your content on.


We then simply integrate the instaPLAYER into the instaPLAYER, which links to our instaLIBRARY, or we can integrate it into your store front and your content database.