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Use instaDRM to quickly and easily protect your content with PlayReady DRM. Simply leave the complicated stuff to us!

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Rest easy knowing your content is protected by a team who have been a PlayReady Partner for over 7 years.

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InstaDIGITAL's®  unique cloud based DRM solution, instaDRM, provides your company with Official PlayReady DRM.  Quick and easy to use we can have your content protected with Hollywood level protection in a matter of days.

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Eagle Eye Technology is an Official Microsoft PlayReady Application Service Provider.  This means that we can extend the use of our Microsoft PlayReady license to protect your content. With the combination of our service and support you can rest safe in the knowledge that your content is fully protected and that your customers always get a great experience.

"Eagle Eye Technology has been a PlayReady Licensee since 2009 and has allowed customers and content suppliers all over the world to benefit from state of the art media encryption that is approved by the major Hollywood studios."

How Does It Work? - Protecting Content

We created the instaDRM platform focusing on security and ease of use. Our platform has a well-documented and simple API that can allow you to implement PlayReady encryption into your content preparation pipeline within minutes.

The instaDRM tool is also compatible with a number of industry standard transcoding/transmuxing tools, to allow for a quick and painless integration into your existing content preparation pipeline.

If you are new to this process then our experts will work with you to ensure that PlayReady is implemented properly and we can also recommend other tools that work well with instaDRM.

How Does It Work? - Unlocking Content

Once a file wrapped with PlayReady DRM is released into the public domain it cannot be played without a valid PlayReady license being supplied to the device. This license can be requested when the user streams your content, plays a downloaded file or before playback when taking media offline. 

When a user requests a license, this information is verified with the instaDRM license server and your system, to confirm that a license can be released to the user for playback.

When integrated with the instaPLAYER this entire process works seamlessly in the background allowing the user to watch their movie or TV show on their device without interruption.

The Details

What does PlayReady work on?

Microsoft PlayReady is natively supported on: 

  • Silverlight
  • Silverlight for Mac
  • Windows 8
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One
  • Google Chromecast
  • Opera SDK*
  • and more.

Support for other platforms such as Android and iOS can be provided by the instaPlayer.
Please contact us for more information on supported devices.

*The support for PlayReady on the Opera SDK is dependent on the TV model.

The Technical Details


  • AES-128 Microsoft PlayReady Encryption for HLS
  • AES-128 Microsoft PlayReady Encryption for MPEG-DASH
  • AES-128 Microsoft PlayReady Encryption for MS Smooth Streaming

Input Formats

  • MP4 ( ISO Base Media File )
  • Microsoft Smooth Streaming (ISMV/ISMA)
  • Fragmented MP4

Output Formats

  • HLS
  • Microsoft Smooth Streaming

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