What is

A bespoke store front that enables your customers to easily and quickly browse and search your content whether it be on Mobile, Phablet, Tablet, PC, Mac, TV, STB, Consoles and TV Dongles (like Chromecast). Utilising common features to provide your customers with that familiar feeling, the instaSTOREFRONT allows you to give your users a great experience that really connects them with your Brand.

Using a series of templates and widgets we will create a store front to meet your every need.

Why did we build it?

We didn’t want to rebuild huge parts of existing systems just to support a new store front on a new platform.

Content discovery can be tricky, there’s a lot of it out there and yet we still get the vast majority of our recommendations from discussions with friends about what they are watching. There must be a better way.

Browsing content is still painful (using voice commands to browse through thousands of pieces of content 4 movies at a time is not an experience that I wish to go through EVER again). There had to be a better way.

There wasn’t.

We wanted a store front that:

  • Would allow for a consistent design across multiple devices
  • Would provide the appropriate experience on Mobile, Phablet, Tablet, PC, Mac, TV, STB, Consoles, TV
  • Dongles (like Chromecast)
  • Would support Secure Payment out of the box
  • Could support Digital Locker Option
  • Would easily provide multiple language support
  • Would support Age Controls
  • Would support Social Media
  • Could provide UltraViolet support
So that’s what we built!

How does it work?


Using a set of configurable templates the instaSTOREFRONT uses familiar layouts and process flows to allow the customer to easily find the movie or show that they are after or simply enjoy browsing the Store Front.


These templates are designed not only to work on multiple platforms from PC to Phone to Tablet to TV and STB but also to take advantage of the key benefits of having a store front on each of these platforms.


Working with you these templates can be tailored to your every need.

When combined with the InstaLIBRARY the instaSTOREFRONT effortlessly gets the appropriate content to display based upon factors such as territory, date, language options and more.


Implementing the instaPLAYER and instaDRM into the instaSTOREFRONT allows you to be secure in the knowledge that your content is being protected using the latest DRM and that your customer is having a fantastic experience on their device or choice.