We are excited to announce instaDIGITAL® is now a registered trademark.

After a period of consultation the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) approved the trademark this week.


It’s our priority to ensure that our customers are confident in the services we provide. To avoid confusion and maintain a high reputation and standard of our products we are now appropriately protected from unauthorized use of our trade mark.


InstaDIGITAL® is a trading name of Eagle Eye Technology Limited, who have been building and delivering digital content solutions globally for over 7 years. 


InstaDIGITAL® provides SD, HD and 4K supported VOD and OTT hosted solutions globally using its proprietary instaDIGITAL® platform.  The platform offers a suite of 5 tools; instaENCODE, instaLIBRARY, instaDRM, instaSTOREFRONT and instaPLAYER which can be individually integrated into existing systems or, when combined, create a fully end to end VOD and OTT hosted solution.